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RC 10 Rater

Update: 10 Rater production is currently on hold pending development of new tooling.
As ever, it is important to set clear priorities in order to maintain quality. 
Our philosophy is always to take on projects where we can really push the state of the art and come up with great products. That requires the right investment of time and resources.
In this case our other work, and maintaining continuity in our M Class development, have had to take precedence. 

We will review the possibility of tooling up for a new 10 Rater in the second half of 2015.

For those of you interested in dual rating an M, Katana seems as good a platform as any to double as a 10, but obviously this is a compromise.

If you would like to purchase plans or discus a one-off project, please feel free to contact us.

Meanwhile, here is the story of our journey in the R10R Class so far

Rubicon is our latest 10 Rater design. 
The current Mk2 was developed after testing by John Fisher (USA) who is a long time campaigner of our boats.

Waterline length is between 50 and 70mm shorter than on Mk1 depending on displacement.
Beam is moderately narrow at 200mm. This is narrower overall than Rubicon Mk1 but with a similar waterline beam. 

Rubicon has the power and the rating to carry a rig large enough to make it competitive against dual rated Marbleheads in light airs.
The underwater sections have become more 'U' shaped to optimise heeled waterline length. 
The centres have moved forward, trading forward overhang for effective aft overhang. The deepest point of the bilge is further forward. Hence the forward rocker profile is more steeply inclined with respect to the previous shape and the aft the rocker slope is more horizontal. The concept is to allow the boat to trim bow up slightly when heeled, putting the aft overhang to work whilst maintaining a high forward prismatic coefficient. 

Although there are significant differences in the details of the rating rules, there are broad conceptual similarities between Rubicon Mk2 and the last crop of boats to the now defunct International America's Cup Class Rule.

We now offer drawings of the Mk3 boat for the home builder. The hull shape remains very similar whilst the deck and rigs are optimised in line with our current thinking and incorporate some simplified details to make home building easier.
Given the small number of 10 Raters being sold worldwide, we have decided that the minor refinements in design do not warrant new production tooling but individual home builders can take advantage of some small tweaks to the production shape. 
We do however apply all the advances in foils, fittings and rigs to our production boats.

This elegant class is still active in small clusters worldwide but the boats are not suitable for everyone as they require more room and 'commitment' due to their large size. 

The last images on this page are of the Mk1 plug being constructed in 2003 inside the Victory Challenge America's Cup Team base in Auckland.

Ten Raters are beautiful, graceful and high-tech boats. If you are lucky enough to live where there is an active fleet, don't hesitate to drop us an email to find out how we can help you to conquer or retain that winning edge...

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