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We believe that beautiful design adds value. Great design enables and inspires
We create products to be desirable, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically correct.
Our mission is to provide value for the client by creating elegant, efficient, responsive solutions

Carbonicboats began in 1992 as a design consultancy. Our capabilities grew to include project management from brief, through prototyping, to series production. 
Our experience straddles different industries. The common thread is our approach to design thinking and problem solving.
We have a solid base of design and manufacturing knowledge, broad experience, and a creative spark. We pride ourselves on listening and delivering the best solution in light of  client  requirements. 
This means designing to solve problems, to create beauty and to add value.
While Dario was involved in the America's Cup from 2000 to 2011, Carbonicboats continued in automotive, aerospace, architectural, feature film sets and industrial products. 
Clients with vision value the cross-pollination we bring to the table.
Recent growth has enabled us to set up a dedicated facility and add to our remarkable team.
In 2015 we re-branded, shortening the name to Carbonix.

Now available: A Class catamaran and parts, RC yachts, small boat components, and UAV airframes. 

Product development and production. We offer complete project management services.

We are able to help with every stage if you want to make your project a success. 
Aside from technical know-how, we have experience in structuring detailed plans, professional presentations, and accessing an up-to-date business network (with associates in Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and China) to connect you with the right partners. Our commitment is to deliver value in the real world.

We are always happy to talk about the possibilities with those who share our passion.

Enquiries by email
Phone: +61 412 127 388
Post: PO BOX 2123 Rose Bay North, NSW, Australia 2030


  1. Hi Dario, Do you have L rudders that may suit a Gen 6 Scheurer? I have been looking at composite in NZ for their winglet rudders, I am in N.Qld
    Thanks in advance Devon

  2. Hi Devon, Yes, we can supply rudders, cassettes and gudgeons as a 'bolt on' kit. Please email me ( ) for details. Cheers, Dario

  3. Hello Dario: I am considering J boards, but not sure just yet. You are stating that your L's are going to be class legal? Are you using cassettes/ or trunks similar to the DNA and exploders. Very interested in your latest statements. I was going to wait till the rule change happens or not before committing, but now that you say you may be able to make L's that are legal I am very interested.
    do you have any photos of your latest boards and how that are inserted.
    Larry Woods

  4. Hi Larry, we are making prototypes of a new foil concept that works like an L/V but is shaped such that it can be inserted from the top in a slot that is much smaller than the 'full cassette' shown by Exploder at the Worlds. We will make the concept public after testing (if it works). Please email me ( ) for more details and updates. Cheers, Dario

  5. Thanks Dario: I have been following your blog for a while, and find all your findings the most informative and motivating. I have just about given up on the SA forums as they spend 90 % of there time slandering each other and there is very little actual information there.

    Thanks for being so open and true to the goal of advancing this technology. Looking forward to your findings and will email you soon for updates.

  6. Dario: I tried that email address a couple of times and both times it was rejected.



  7. Could be a spam filter issue, usually related to attachments.
    Try or
    Otherwise call +61 412 127 388

  8. I'd be interested to hear about your current Marblehead design, our fleet is growing locally, so we're always looking for new boats. I'm very curious what a new hull might cost.

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  10. Hi Modelyacht,
    Drop me an email to " info at carbonicboats dot com " and we can discuss. Happy to do deals on multiple hulls too.

  11. Love your work, very proffesional!
    I would love to have this boat Plug or Tool!
    Is that posible?

    Regands Bert


  12. Hello,

    Is the gearing mechanism for the mach 2 not available anymore?

  13. Hi, Regarding Moth fittings, please email me:

  14. Hi Dario, thanks for your blog, very very useful. We are building an International Moth, you can check it here in our blog
    I sent an email to because Im looking for some fittings.
    Thank you again.